V2.12 is now live!

september 2019

We are proud to announce the latest version of Mymesh; v2.12. This update grows the ecosystem with some very interesting new products and features.

New hardware

Add-on Sensors for the Micro BLC

The Micro BLC now supports a diverse range of Add-on PIR sensors. This greatly intensifies the sensor-density within your property and adds a gigantic amount of valuable data to your management system. Discover the first group of add-on sensors in our product catalogue.

A new commissioning app

With the launch of v2.12, a new App is released. This updated version includes the following new features

In order to create overlapping groups and add more precise control-experiences to a building, we’ve added Zones to the Mymesh Commissioning App.

Full support for the Micro BLC
The app now fully supports all options for the Mymesh Micro.

Clip-on Sensor Support
As the new Micro BLC now supports a new group of sensors, a new interface was created to manage sensors and lights simultaneously as individually.

Grid Remarks
Add icons or remarks to a grid to further personalize a building. This feature greatly helps when multiple people are working simultaneously within one project.

Emergency DALI drivers 
Dali devices can now be marked as emergency drivers.Device Remarks
We’ve also added a remark option to single devices. Via this option, informative information can be added to any device.Hysteresis Control
You can now set the Mymesh Micro as a master controller to control entire floors based on Lux levels.

A brand new website

As you can see, Chess and Mymesh got a brand overhaul. The launch of the new website marks the official end of our rebranding.

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