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More than a smart building

How cool would it be when a building shares your thoughts, even thinks ahead and speaks the same language as you. That is what we call a 'living’ building. A building that, for instance, senses exactly how much extra fresh air is needed when the canteen fills up with people. Or a well-lit car park where people can safely walk to their car. And a lot more.

Living buildings. Made possible by the unique mesh network protocol. Mymesh stands for an all-wireless, multidisciplinary control system. Sustainable and comfortable, healthy and safe. With Mymesh, you have one flexible and wireless solution for richer data with endless options at your fingertips. The Mymesh solution allows everyone to live and perform better in a building. Anywhere and anytime, today and in the future.

More than just another solution

Mymesh is a unique, fully wireless control system. It provides regular, biodynamic as well as emergency lighting. It offers room control of climate systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. With Mymesh, control of sun blinds is also possible.

Mymesh easily integrates with ceiling-mounted fixtures, providing more flexibility. Everything is continuously adaptable using software apps, from system configuration, room layouts and control zones to a wide range of other settings. Mymesh is designed to improve the performance of buildings, organizations and users in the most sustainable way.

So, Mymesh really is more than just another solution.

More about Mymesh

When developing Mymesh, advanced wireless communication was the starting point. Inspired by the sophisticated communication in a flock of birds or a school of fish, Mymesh uses smart control devices, such as innovative sensors and controllers. All devices automatically form a self-organizing wireless mesh network.

Mymesh provides the wireless data infrastructure, including beaconing. The infrastructure connects with a range of apps, cloud applications and dashboards. For control, building management and users.

Mymesh solution

Why Mymesh

The world’s most scalable, wireless network
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Extremely high security
Reliable under all 
Grows with the release of new updates and upgrades
Cost effective
State-of-the-art and integrated wireless solution

Living buildings, our projects

Mymesh is applied in a wide range of new construction and renovation projects.
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For whom

Mymesh turns your building into a smart, not to say ‘living’ building. A building that exceeds the expectations and imagination of property developers and users alike.
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OEMs and manufacturers

A reliable, unique network structure with 100% coverage at each location.

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Being an innovative solution, Mymesh allows for lower building costs and more flexibility.

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and users

Comfortable, healthy and safe room climate for the well-being and productivity of employees.

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Property owners and facility managers

Optimal operational efficiency for property management and maintenance.

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and installers

Easy to install and start up.

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