Utrecht City Hall

mei 2019

Industiebouw-online is a Dutch magazine that writes about characteristic and innovative building projects. They have written a nice article about the renovation of city hall Utrecht. The monumental building is built in a neoclassical style. In its lifetime building has been completely renovated a number of times. This time, however, the renovation is completely different; Utrecht city hall has now become a smart building due to the installation of Mymesh. The lighting in Utrecht city hall is supplied by Trilux.

Trilux installed Mymesh for its control. The original fittings are converted to smart LED lighting. More than 2000 lamps are equipped with a “Node” with which lamps communicate with each other wirelessly. Because of this, you can not only switch the light on and off remotely. You can also register relevant information, including the number of burning hours. Sensors have been installed in the office spaces that switch on the light when present and dim it back by sufficient daylight. In addition, the sun/light protection is linked to this wireless network. Because each lamp is now connected to Mymesh, the building has become smart and adaptive. This makes the monumental building ready for the future.

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