Newsletter | October 2020

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Newsletter [Oct. 2020]

A lot has happened in the past month. In this newsletter, we’ll go over some highlights one more time.

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Let’s go!

New Projects

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust goes Smart

St Thomas Hospitsal in London

With a 1.7 b£ turnover, 18,000 staff, 2.6 million patient contacts and 6,500 babies born every year make Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust (GStT) in London is one of the biggest NHS hospital trusts in the United Kingdom. With multiple sites and a many-fold of buildings it has an estimated 65,000 luminaires and it’s now going smart.

It started the roll-out during the 2020 lock-down period and has a plan to upgrade the lighting and emergency lighting over the next few years. Each light will join the Mymesh network. However, although the lighting is an important element, it is not only about the lighting. GStT interests go a step further; they want to integrate different types of sensors and actuators, but the key interest is more advanced.

A hospital has a lot of equipment that is used in many locations. Apart from being expensive, they are just required to do the job; in other words, equipment that can not be found makes the hospital very inefficient. This is why GStT has a strong interest for Asset Tracking. Something that Mymesh aims to deliver to the Smart Building of the future.

Harper Green School

Harper Green School

Mymesh connects all 236 lights, 58 sensors and 16 switches in one wireless mesh network. The wireless connection enables cost savings in the newly built installation by making all the control wiring unnecessary. The interface to the fire alarm and burglar alarm system will instantly switch all lights to 100% in case of an emergency, providing additional safety and security.

As a next step the Smart Building opportunities will be explored. Air quality monitoring and asset tracking are options on the table.


A good indoor climate starts with data
In a time when a good indoor climate is more important than ever, data offers a powerful tool. Due to the worldwide pandemic, indoor climate -and especially ventilation, has moved to the forefront of building management.

A while back, we teamed up with Danlers, to provide Mymesh users with sophisticated indoor climate data to monitor the air quality at every location.

CO2 in the kitchen of Mymesh HQ

The data shows the CO2 levels in an area and this can be used to measure the amount of people in a room or to analyse ventilation performance.

For more information, please contact our sales department via

Data the Mymesh environment sensor measures

Why every smart building starts with an infrastructure

Joost Toornend (Chess Marketing) gave an online lecture about the full concept of Smart Buildings. In the webinar, Joost explained what ‘Smart’ is, where the technology is heading and why infrastructures play an essential role in the construction of such buildings.

Bits, Bricks & Behaviour

On the 12th of November, the annual Bits, Bricks & Behaviour conference will take place once again.

Siebren de Vries -our founder and CTO, will take the stage to redefine the definition of ‘Smart Building’ together with Frank Bakker (BEVECO), Dominic (Hoare Lea) and Jasper (MAPIQ).

All parties will share their vision for the future of ‘Smart Buildings’.

You can sign up here.

The registration is in Dutch but our Talk will be in English.

Mymesh Support Department
In order to keep up with the increasing number of installations and new international partners, we’re introducing our (international) Mymesh support department.

This new department will handle all operations around training, questions, commissioning and field support. It will also take on the full RMA process.

The Mymesh Support Centre is the central point of access to support for our Mymesh partners/dealers. Here you can find the Mymesh Community, E-learning modules and the Mymesh download centre.

You can contact the team directly via the new support telephone number +31 23 5149199 or via

In the news

ARC Magazine

Hoare Lea’s digital scene dashboard

In this month’s edition of ARC magazine, Dominic Meyrick of Hoare Lea talks about their implementation of Mymesh:

“Hoare Lea’s web-based LightSIM Controls App-enabled LTS to explore lighting scenes, with photometrically accurate imagery on- screen, before they were uploaded to the real-world environment. Once a ‘scene’ is created in the app’s virtual environment, it is sent to a web-based lighting controls system and then imported directly into the enabled light fittings. We specified Mymesh from Chess; this enables each fitting to be ‘spoken to’ without hard-wiring a control system. LTS can easily reformat any of the lighting scenes. Whether in the building or working remotely, they can control the light, creating different scenes, while saving energy by making sure light is only on when needed.”

Test the Horea Lea demo yourself
Read the full article

International Mymesh Dealer/Partner program

Mymesh is globally acknowledged as one of the best solutions to make any professional location smart. In order to scale operations, we’re opening up to partners and dealers worldwide.

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