Newsletter | November 2020

november 2020

Newsletter [Nov. 2020]

A lot has happened in the past month. In this newsletter, we’ll go over some highlights one more time.

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Let’s go!

A new application for MMS: IoT83

Abby Lighting (Official Mymesh Partner India) implemented a new platform to the Mymesh Management System; IoT83 makes Mymesh data come to life within a digital fest of charts, graphs and metrics. Now, next to IXWeb (Beveco) and Lumitel, every Mymesh owner is able to choose IoT83 as the application to carefully examine all events in his/her environment.

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Bits, Bricks & Behaviour: Redefining ‘Smart Building’

Last week, Siebren hosted a debate with several industry-veterans around the definition of ‘Smart Building’.

Frank Bakker [Beveco], Jasper Schuurmans [Mapiq] and Dominic Meyrick [Hoare Lea] took the stage and shared their vision, view and knowledge about this subject. A vibrant discussion with valuable insights was the result.

(The video begins in Dutch and switches to English shortly after)

Han in the middle of his presentation

Smart Parking Garages
Han Bak (CEO, Chess) gave a presentation for Vexpan about the benefits of having Smart -wirelessly controlled- Lighting in a parking garage. Not only did he shared Chess’ vision regarding the matter, he also made some interesting disclosures about the innovative technology we are working currently working on… Stay tuned!

Project delivery: Rotterdam Airport

Left: The airport’s new LED lighting | Right: Support Engineer Vincent on location

At Rotterdam Airport, all luminaires were fitted with Mymesh control in order to connect the all lighting to the airport’s Building Management System. A fail -safe mechanism was added to make sure that lighting automatically responds to any situation, safeguarding daily operations and building safety.

Project Delivery: KPN Zoetermeer

Source: Holland Lighting Group

Dutch Mymesh Dealer, Holland Lighting Group, just finished this project at KPN. With Smart control and 300W LED instead of the previous 840W bulbs, their end-client is able to reduce their consumption by 65%.

Project delivery: Cygnet leisure Centre

It was beyond discussion that the installation would be upgraded to LED. Nevertheless, there is a wide choice on the market. Holophane Haloprism luminaires were used for the high performance ‘volumetric’ lighting; it produces very high levels in the vertical plane, making it ideal for sports activities. At the same time is the glare reduced by using frosted prismatic glass.

To avoid the lights being on 24/7 (as was often the case with the old HID installation) a control system was required. Simple on/off was an option, but as various activities require different light levels, a more advanced solution was opted for.

The Mymesh wireless control system was integrated in each luminaire, and the space is covered with PIR for movement detection. The system switches automatically to 50% brightness and will time out after 15 minutes of absence. A remote switch can override the automatic system and set the lighting to 4 different scenes (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%).

The wireless sensors and switches are battery operated. This makes it extremely easy for installation, and the 10 to 15 year battery life all but eliminates maintenance.

The upgraded lighting increases the light levels and improves the vertical visual performance, all while saving energy compared to the old installation. Further reductions of the carbon footprint are achieved by automatically controlling the installation. The override enables the user to select the right light level for the activity.

Furthermore, the scalability of the system makes it easy to implement the planned future lighting upgrades in other areas in the building.

Source: Chess UK

Making one of the oldest building in the world, one of the smartest.

After a publication in VV+ (Dutch magazine) about the successful implementation of Mymesh, Journalist and former director of FHI, Kees Groeneveld dropped by to do an in-depth interview with all parties involved about the cooperation and synergy. Representatives from DWATriluxHeuvelmanBurgyVerosolEndenburg and the municipality of Utrecht were invited to talk about their experiences with this globally unique project. The result will be a documented business case to be very proud of.

International Mymesh Dealer/Partner program

Mymesh is globally acknowledged as one of the best solutions to make any professional location smart. In order to scale operations, we’re opening up to partners and dealers worldwide.

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