Newsletter | July 2021

juni 2021

A lot has happened in the past month. Let’s go over some of the highlights one more time.

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In this newsletter:

  • Launch of LightSIM
  • Project update: St Thomas Hospital
  • Micro Industrial
  • New Vacancy
  • Exhibitions
  • New episodes of the Smart Building Podcast
Monumental buildings

LightSIM -powered by Mymesh

The world is changing, now faster than ever before. Quality of light is a key element in this and can make the atmosphere in a building. Employers recognise the value of lighting design on the productivity of their employees and become an integral part of their office. However, requirements change and a change of scenery can give a boost to creativity. Would it not be great if you could change the lighting design as you go and directly materialise this in your building?

Shopping mall

This is exactly the reason why Hoare Lea and Chess went to work to integrate the LightSIM Controls App© and the Mymesh wireless network. LightSIM enables the user of the space to change the lighting design and create different scenes, and with a push-on-a-button change it in the actual installation.


Think about the many applications. Companies run campaigns externally to boost brand awareness with customers and, internally, to keep all employees on board and make them brand ambassadors. With changing scenes regularly the working environment can remain attractive and dynamic. Now it is possible to visualise a design and roll it out effortlessly.

NHS Guys and St Thomas’ embrace Mymesh

As for many building owners, there is significant time and costs associated with ensuring emergency lighting testing compliance — non more so than those with large sprawling estates such as the NHS.

Over the last twelve months, Chess UK has been working closely with Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust to examine the opportunity for using Mymesh as a way to remotely monitor, test and provide emergency light compliance reporting.

Following initial feasibility studies, the Trust developed a business case to highlight the savings that could be realised. In parallel, Mymesh was evaluated by the Trust’s technical assurance team, ensuring that its use would have no detrimental impact on the hospital’s clinical operations.

Working in partnership with the Trust’s appointed lighting manufacturer, Mymesh enabled fixtures were installed in stairwells, corridors, wards and other patient areas as an initial trial phase — in some cases leveraging the lighting control capability of Mymesh in addition to emergency lighting monitoring — reducing costs associated with installing controls cables.

The journey shared by the Chess UK team and Guys and St Thomas’ engineering team Has been exemplary. Allowing the Trust to realise how Mymesh as a secure, scalable wireless technology can radically improve business models and demonstrate improved compliance whilst delivering cost savings.

With Mymesh now part of Guys and St Thomas’ Standard Working Practice (SWP125), the journey can now be fully expanded across the estate.

And with Mymesh being adaptable, it offers much more to the Trust for the future. For example, the Trust will use the Mymesh backbone to transit energy data as part of an energy metering programme and beyond where Mymesh will enable real-time, cost-effective asset tracking.

Micro Industrial

We’re delighted to announce the Micro Industrial. Built rigid, the Micro Industrial is able to deliver all the perks of Mymesh in harsh and demanding environments. The Micro Industrial is capable of making any environment smart. This device will be available in Q4 of this year.

If you are interested in this product or want to know more, please contact our sales department via


We are very happy to announce that we can confirm the following Exhibitions:

Smart Building Podcast

Onno Willemse of EQYRE

This month we had the honour to talk to quite a list of prominent experts including Erik Felëus of Schiphol, Evert Bos of VerosolRoel Derks of Cloud Energy Optimiser and Onno Willemse of EQYRE.

All Dutch episodes can be found HERE.

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