Article number: BLC.1802.001
Mymesh licht icoonLight

The GST - DALI is a smart lighting control module for Wieland GST pluggable electrical installation with a single controller for DALI drivers. With a GST - DALI you can easily control any DALI dimmable luminaire including DALI Type 8 (DT8) for Tunable white and RGB(W) control. Also, remote monitoring of DALI emergency lighting is supported by the GST - DALI.

Technical Summary

The GST - DALI module clips into an included bracket which is secured with one screw of blind rivet. Wieland GST pluggable electrical installation. Faster, smarter and safer. Mains powered single phase 230VAC (+/-10% 50Hz).

Mymesh is a fully mesh wireless network protocol in which the applied Mymesh components communicate with each other and automatically organise themselves into a fully integrated wireless sensor- and control network, resulting in a robust and scalable smart control system that inherently is the foundation for a smart building network.

Data logging of DALI dimmable and DALI emergency lighting drivers. 50% to 60% additional energy savings with automatic light control using motion detection and daylight harvesting.

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