Mymesh for Logistics & Production

Mymesh for logistics and production

In distribution centres and production facilities, it is becoming increasingly important to be champion in flexibility, sustainability and efficiency. This is where Mymesh comes in as a particularly cost-efficient solution for the logistics and production market. Mymesh’s smart lighting solutions make distribution centres and production facilities sustainable in a simpler, faster and more cost-efficient way.

Production and logistics facilities become 'living’ buildings thanks to the wireless Mymesh network, which senses exactly how much and what kind of light is needed at any given moment. When the layout of a warehouse changes, Mymesh changes accordingly. In doing so, Mymesh always aims for a safe, sustainable and cost-efficient LED lighting system. From simple renovation to large-scale projects in the heavy industry.


An integrated wireless concept

Mymesh's wireless approach makes buildings and people perform better.

Additional energy savings of 50%

Mymesh brings additional energy savings by dimming and switching LED fixtures with time-based dimming and switching schedules, light sensor or motion sensor.

Longer lifespan

Lifetime extension of lighting fixtures of up to twice the service life, by optimizing burning hours and light levels.

Reduced maintenance costs

Maintenance optimization through remote monitoring of lighting fixtures. Maintenance tasks are driven by reports and notifications. No need to conduct periodic inspections.

Sustainable, controlled and efficient lighting

Reducing light pollution

Mymesh reduces and prevents light pollution from outdoor lighting. A sustainable way to reduce nuisance for people, flora and fauna.

Improved safety

Override controls or emergency buttons for emergencies or maintenance. Similar to a burglar alarm, lights will flick on and burn at 100%.

Installation benefits

Adjustable light spectrum per fixture type over the entire service life. Credits for BREEAM, WELL and LEED certificates.

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Being a safe, sustainable and cost-efficient LED lighting system, Mymesh is increasingly used as a solution to address challenges in logistics and production.
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Mymesh in practice

Mymesh is used in a wide range of large-scale, professional logistics and production environments.

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