Mymesh 1
Smart Lighting + Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

The basis for fully integrated lighting control. Discover the benefits of a wireless, local, self-organizing lighting control system without DALI wiring. Ideal for new construction and renovation projects. Infinitely scalable and suited for integration with (third-party) apps and a range of cloud applications.

Discover Mymesh 1

Motion detection and daylight control

Smart building technology starts very simply with one wireless network infrastructure, fully ceiling-mounted, for motion detection, daylight control and much more.

Human Centric Lighting for fixtures with white and colour tuning capability

Mymesh 1 supports biodynamic (human centric) lighting. It follows the natural light course of the day. Tunable to any desired colour.

Emergency lighting

Mymesh 1 provides testing and monitoring capability of emergency lighting, as well as digital logging and reporting in accordance with NEN-EN50172:2004.

User app and cloud applications

Mymesh 1 works with (third-party) apps and cloud applications for a wide range of uses, from building management to user applications. Anything for a touchless office.

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More convenience and control

Extensive functionality with light

The settings for lighting control are vast, such as different light levels during the day and night and multiple lag times.

More lighting features

Easily configure building or floor-wide settings, such as times switches in a company restaurant. Or simply configure up to eight different scenes, overlapping zones and much more.

Choosing from cloud applications

Choose from a wide range of applications (apps) for smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC. From the handy Mymesh Control App to a Smart Maintenance application with dashboard.

Mymesh 1 visualization with a Cupower fixture version with BiSensor and light switch.
Cupower driver
GST - BiSensor
Remote Switch

Need climate control too?

Mymesh 2

Smart Lighting

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Basic Climate

Basic climateExplore Mymesh 2

Mymesh. A unique wireless mesh network

Discover all the benefits of a fully wireless integration of light and climate. Aim for the most sustainable and smartest buildings, with Mymesh.

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