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Mymesh is the basis for a smart building, allowing you to deliver a better building. A building that functions at its best, suiting everyone’s needs, now and in the future. Mymesh is ideal for both small and large new construction and renovation projects.

Optimal flexibility

Flexibility in building design (architectural and infrastructural)

All devices, including for instance controllers and sensors, communicate wirelessly. This makes for flexibly laying and fitting out buildings, without the limitations of DALI lines or, for instance, Modbus and BACnet wiring. Your building will be future-proof and well-prepared to become BREEAM certified. Everything, from system configuration, defining room layouts, control zones and other settings, is done using apps during commissioning. Curious how this works? All you have to do is request a demo.

Flexible functionality per tenant

Mymesh works completely wirelessly, with everything mounted in the ceiling. In this way, layouts and configuration settings can be changed easily, quickly and at little cost.

Lower construction costs

Working with Mymesh's unique mesh network has its perks, especially finance-wise, because of the utterly simple installation design. Availability of 230 V is the only prerequisite! We also use Wieland pluggable electrical installation technology. One sensor for light, climate and beaconing. No need to fix anything to the wall since everything is mounted in the ceiling. No wall switches, room thermostat or CO2 sensor is needed either. In a nutshell, Mymesh offers everything you need to minimize construction costs.

Innovations for sustainability, well-being and technology

Applying Mymesh means opting for a touchless office, with its adoption of wireless networking technology. With fully demand-controlled adjustment of the interior climate, based on temperature and occupancy. Better for the environment, better for the well-being of the people in the building. Comfort and convenience, in short, thanks to local control of light and climate, using a straightforward app on your smartphone. And Mymesh keeps enhancing its solutions for better performance, for instance with accurate CO2 measurements in the ceiling and fully automatic remote testing of devices and systems.

Mymesh in practice

Mymesh is applied in various large-scale professional environments, such as:


Utrecht City Hall

Car Parks

Parking Amstelveen City Center

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