Tenants and users

Enjoy the rewarding experience of a smart, flexible and innovative working environment, with 24/7 accurate tuning of light and climate, wherever or whenever you are in the building.

Sustainability and comfort go hand in hand

Comfortable, healthy and safe working environment

Mymesh ensures a comfortable, healthy and safe working environment, thanks to cutting-edge controls and current sensor data for monitoring.

Smart, technically advanced working environment

Enjoy working in a building with the easy-to-use user apps that allow you to change workplace settings, to book rooms, to navigate indoors and much more. The combination of rich data obtained from sensors with beacon capability can be used for various applications, making the building highly adaptable to the needs of its users.

(Near) energy-neutral building

Mymesh helps you on the way to greater efficiency and sustainability. It ensures that lights only burn where and when it is needed and that there is no unnecessary cooling or heating anywhere in the building. In this way, Mymesh can save up to 80% on energy consumption.

Flexible, adaptive building

Mymesh is wireless and therefore highly scalable. With flexible configuration. With Mymesh there is just one network domain without limitations, making it flexible and expandable. And always future-proof, thanks to continued software development.

Sustainable image

Providing more than a comfortable workplace, that is what more and more employers need to do in the 'war on talent'. BENG, WELL and BREEAM contribute to your image of being a modern and sustainable employer.

Mymesh in practice

Mymesh is used in a variety of offices and work environments, such as:


Bluewater Guildhall

Car Parks

Bluewater Parking

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