Mymesh for the office

More than a solution

Imagine a building that shares your thoughts, thinks ahead and speaks your language. That is what we call a ‘living’ building. Powered by Mymesh, a unique, fully wireless control system.

Mymesh integrates with ceiling fixtures and is easy to install. This greatly simplifies installation design, hence providing more flexibility. Everything, from system configuration, room layouts and control zones to any other setting is continuously adaptable with software apps.

Mymesh uses smart control devices such as innovative sensors and controllers. All devices automatically form a self-organizing wireless mesh network. Mymesh provides the wireless data infrastructure, including beaconing. The infrastructure connects to a range of cloud applications and dashboards, for control, building management and users. So, Mymesh really is more than just a solution.

Living buildings in everyday office life

Mymesh is designed to improve the performance of office buildings, organizations and users in the most sustainable way. On a summer afternoon, Mymesh cools the air and lowers the blinds. On a cold day, it heats up rooms to the degree needed. As the meeting room fills up, more oxygen is added, lighting intensity is adjusted and the temperature is lowered. Thus, Mymesh offers multiple smart solutions to relax or concentrate and anything in between.

Smart Lighting

Mymesh is a unique, fully wireless control system. It provides regular and biodynamic lighting as well as emergency lighting. Mymesh easily integrates with ceiling-mounted fixtures, providing more flexibility. Everything, from system configuration, room layouts, control zones and any other setting is continuously adaptable with software apps. The right light at the right place, anytime. Or no light at all!


Mymesh 2 and 3 offer room control for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, using, for instance, smart ceiling-mounted TriSensors.

Blind control

With Mymesh you can automatically adjust electric (interior) blinds to control daylight levels and heat from outside.

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The basis of a Mymesh network

Mymesh's unique wireless approach is very relevant and effective for today’s office buildings. Its success is based on four building blocks:


The world's most scalable wireless network for 10,000+ components. The full mesh network protocol allows for endless network scalability.


Mymesh is secure-by-design. The security measures ensure AES CCM encryption and authentication in accordance with industry standard NIST SP800-38C, which is also used in the payment industry. Mymesh is GOLD-certified in accordance with IASME's IoT Security Assured scheme and complies with the ETSI technical standard for IoT security, EN 303 645.


Reliable under all conditions. The network has no single-point-of-failure. After a local power interruption, the network will automatically recover.


Grows with the release of new updates and upgrades, which can be installed over-the-air, while the system remains fully operational.

Solutions for the office

Mymesh is increasingly used as a solution to face office challenges, with the aim to achieve 'living’ buildings where people feel better and, hence, perform better. Healthy, safe, sustainable and cost-efficient.
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Mymesh 1 - Smart Lighting + HCL
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Mymesh 2 - Smart Lighting + Basic Climate
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Mymesh 3 - Smart Lighting + Advanced Climate
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Cloud Applications

Mymesh in practice

Mymesh is used in various office environments, from large new office buildings to office buildings under renovation.




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