The Mymesh: Wireless Network

When developing Mymesh, advanced wireless communication was the starting point. Inspired by the sophisticated communication in a flock of birds or a school of fish, Mymesh uses smart control devices such as innovative sensors and controllers. All devices automatically form a self-organizing wireless mesh network.


Mymesh provides the wireless data infrastructure, including beaconing. The infrastructure connects with a range of cloud applications and dashboards, for building control and management and users.

Network Architecture

Mymesh Network Architecture visualization 1 Mymesh Network Architecture visualization 1
Mymesh Network Architecture visualization 2 Mymesh Network Architecture visualization 2
Mymesh Network Architecture visualization 3 Mymesh Network Architecture visualization 3

Mesh network

Smart devices such as controllers and sensors automatically form an ad-hoc self-organizing wireless mesh network. Combined with a gateway, the network opens up for many uses.

Mymesh Edge Cloud server

Everything in the mesh network connects to the Mymesh Edge Cloud Server via the gateway. On this server, an application program interface (API) is available for more features.

Mymesh Application Program Interface (API)

Mymesh provides cloud applications for various uses, from the Mymesh REST application program interface (API) to cloud applications for building and technical management or apps for smartphone users.

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The four building blocks 
of the Wireless Mesh Network


The world's most scalable wireless network for 10,000+ devices. The full mesh network protocol makes for unlimited network scalability.


Mymesh is secure-by-design. The security measures ensure AES CCM encryption and authentication in accordance with industry standard NIST SP800-38C, which is also used in the payment industry. Mymesh is GOLD-certified in accordance with IASME's IoT Security Assured scheme and complies with the ETSI technical standard for IoT security, EN 303 645.


Reliable under all conditions. The network has no single-point-of-failure. After a local power interruption, the network will automatically recover.


Grows with the release of new updates and upgrades, which can be installed over-the-air, while the system remains fully operational.

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