Mymesh Cupower | LED drivers

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Mymesh Cupower visualisation

A pioneering

By joining forces, Mymesh and Cupower have developed two new LED driver families that are ‘Mymesh-ready’. The collaboration has resulted in top-performing drivers when it comes to power output, radio communication and connectivity. In addition to a compact 40W driver and the Linear 75W driver, other Mymesh-ready drivers will gradually be added to the line of products.

Mymesh is a wireless networking solution for building automation that takes sustainable performance of buildings, organizations and users to a new level. With its scalable, secure, robust and cost-effective features, Mymesh provides an intelligent solution for controlling lighting, climate and shading, creating a better living and working environment in buildings.

Cost-saving, sustainable and higher rental income


The new Cupower drivers are integrated as standard by lighting manufacturers into luminaires. The drivers make Mymesh’s wireless networking solution easily deployable for various wireless smart lighting applications without any installation work at all.

Smart Lighting

The Mymesh-ready drivers have a built-in Mymesh node that can be switched on by activating a Mymesh license. This way, the smart lighting option can be activated at any time and extended with sensors for motion detection and daylight control. Until then, the new Cupower LED drivers act as standard on/off drivers.

Higher rental income

There is an additional benefit for property owners. Buildings equipped with Mymesh-ready drivers can generate higher rental income and qualify for the highly-coveted credits of the BREEAM scheme.