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Mymesh, Chess and Simac

Mymesh stems from Chess, a former computer hardware and system software provider. It was in 1988 that Siebren de Vries, founder of Chess, started a design and development studio to create advanced hardware and software solutions for the public and banking sector, multinationals and industry. Solutions included mobile and online payment applications, business-critical custom software and computer electronics. Since 2014, Simac has partnered with Chess to build on the long-term vision for Mymesh.

Mymesh powered by Simac

From early 2023, all Chess operations will continue under the name of Mymesh, with the support of a solid and trusted party: Simac. Mymesh powered by Simac.

About Simac

Simac, a family business with a rich history, delivers and maintains high-quality technology for improving business processes in medium-sized and large organizations throughout the Benelux and Central Europe. Simac employs over 1,400 people and has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. The solutions offered by the Simac companies can be grouped in two key lines of business, the first being Information Technology. As an IT business, Simac provides a wide range of IT services with a focus on the design, implementation and management of IT infrastructures as well as the design, build and delivery of industry-specific and solution-related applications. The second line of business is smart solutions. As a solutions provider, Simac caters to the needs of various niche markets with its cutting-edge tech solutions.

Scalability as a challenge

As early as 2003, the founders of Chess anticipated the huge potential of wireless infrastructures. Along with the potential came the challenge of scalability. This was the catalyst of Mymesh’s journey.

Towards a unique all-wireless network

When developing Mymesh, advanced wireless communications was the starting point. Inspired by the sophisticated communication of a flock of birds or a school of fish, solutions were built with unprecedented scalability.

From smart buildings to living buildings

Its ability to look beyond smart buildings and move into the new era of ‘living’ buildings makes Mymesh a unique wireless network solution. Mymesh sustainably improves the performance of buildings, organizations and users, enabling everyone to thrive in a building. Living buildings, that is what Mymesh aims for.

Trusted by demanding customers

Mymesh technology is being implemented in an increasing number of demanding environments such as offices, hospitals, ministry buildings, listed buildings, large car parks, warehouses and even large factory sites. Mymesh lives up to its name, by providing secure, reliable, scalable and smart building solutions, based on the unique mesh network protocol.

Building on success

At Mymesh, we are dedicated to developing new functionality, products and services to enhance the Mymesh multidisciplinary control and smart building management system. In doing so, our team of passionate and driven professionals work together, looking beyond today’s horizon and seeing the opportunities of tomorrow.

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Mymesh in practice

Mymesh is used in a wide range of large-scale, professional environments.

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