Property owners and facility managers

Mymesh is the basis for Smart Building applications in any property. Besides extensive multidisciplinary control capabilities, Mymesh supports various additional cloud capabilities. This makes Mymesh the new standard for smart building technology. Everything to improve people's well-being in buildings, based on real-time data for better analyses and insights. From new buildings to large or small renovations.


Optimal return on rental income, occupancy rate and value appreciation

By making buildings more sustainable, for best energy performance, but also for obtaining a BREAAM certificate, Mymesh opens the way for higher rental income, a higher occupancy rate and value appreciation.

Flexible layout for tenant changes

Mymesh is an all-wireless solution, with everything mounted in the ceiling, making it easy as pie to change to other office layouts or configuration settings.

Efficient maintenance and management

Mymesh ensures optimal operational efficiency in managing and maintaining your property, throughout its lifetime.

Secure digital infrastructure

Mymesh is secure-by-design. The security measures ensure AES CCM encryption and authentication in accordance with industry standard NIST SP800-38C, which is also used in the payment industry. Mymesh is GOLD-certified in accordance with IASME's IoT Security Assured scheme and complies with the ETSI technical standard for IoT security, EN 303 645. Want to know more about how secure Mymesh is? Download a white paper.

Mymesh in practice

Mymesh is applied in various large-scale professional environments as well as large and smaller renovation projects such as:


BAM Energy Systems

Logistics & Production


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