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Mymesh is a plug-and-playable solution and therefore easy to install. Fully wireless and ceiling-mounted, Mymesh is incredibly cost-efficient if you want to make your property sustainable in an easy and fast way.

The convenience of a wireless network

Wireless and scalable

Only 230 V power supply is needed, so no wiring, which makes for easy design and installation. Likewise, the network is easy to expand and upgrade.


Discover the benefits of wide interoperability. Mymesh is compatible with DALI, D4i, Modbus, and 0-10V devices.


With REST application program interface (API), an internet connection is all you need. REST API Control allows remote control, via applications, while REST API Signal Logging enables remote monitoring.

Over-The-Air Software updates

Keeping the network up to date is very easy with over-the-air (OTA) technology. It also facilitates changing layouts and configuration settings.

More with less

Wireless applications with the smart innovative power of Mymesh make installation jobs a lot easier, since there is no need for DALI, Modbus, 0-10V and BACnet wiring in rooms and control zones. No restrictions of DALI lines. No 24 VDC power cabling for valves and dampers. No need for room controllers and floor managers. No CO2 sensors for proper ventilation. No room thermostat and no wall switches either. So, with Mymesh, there is a lot more less. And all that leads to... more.

Mymesh in practice

Mymesh is used in a variety of new construction and renovation projects, such as:


VPRO Television


Project Vitarom Neurath

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