January 2023


As market leader in bondtesting, XYZTEC has produced many success stories since it was founded in 2000. They provide tailor-made bond testing for different industries. They have a long track record and are active in, among others: aerospace, automotive, LED, medical equipment and solar energy.

XYZTEC is the market leader in Europe and Taiwan and is growing rapidly in other areas around the world. For example, they are currently taking major steps in the United States of America. XYZTEC has seven offices around the world. One of the offices is in the Netherlands, in Panningen. When the fluorescent lighting in this office was due for replacement, they started looking for a more future-proof solution. The solution was LED lighting with wireless light control.

About the project

Bas van Tilborg, director of XYZTEC, decided to do things differently this time with his office in Panningen. When the fluorescent lighting collapsed, he started looking for a more future-proof solution: LED lighting with wireless light control, which is a lot more sustainable and more energy-efficient.

ALL-Lighting provided the new LED lighting for the office. ALL-Lighting only makes lighting itself, so the controls had to be taken from somewhere else. They have chosen to integrate Chess’s Mymesh. With this light control you save even more energy and you get a lot of extra functionalities. In addition, it is an adaptive system which makes it very future proof.

The extra functionalities were a decisive factor for Bas van Tilborg: “I find it very inconvenient that the person who goes home last has to walk through the building to turn off all the lights. Now we have a switch at the front door with which you can switch off all the lights in one go, or switch them on again in the morning, “Bas van Tilborg says. With movement sensors, the light always burns where it is needed and if there is no one it goes out automatically. The daylight control from Chess is now also available. This ensures that the lighting dims itself via sensors when more light comes from outside.

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