Distribution centre Ara Almelo equipped with smart wireless lighting system Mymesh

December 2023

Mymesh equips distribution centre Ara Almelo with smart wireless lighting system for ultimate comfort and energy savings

Mymesh, formerly known as Chess, based in Haarlem, has furnished the office spaces of the brand-new Ara Almelo logistics and distribution centre with an advanced wireless lighting system controlled by smart Mymesh software. Control is based on presence or absence of people and entry of natural daylight. Artificial lighting is, for instance, automatically dimmed when sufficient daylight enters the office spaces, and is switched off when there is no one in the room. This makes for optimal working comfort and considerable energy savings. With this technology, Mymesh meets the high sustainability requirements of Ara Almelo.

The system installed at Ara Almelo is primarily focused on lighting control, but also offers the possibility to control heating, cooling, ventilation and shading in a demand-driven manner. Han Bak, CEO at Mymesh, explains: "Our system aims to create 'living buildings', which basically stands for the new generation of smart buildings. The system responds to the needs of the building and adjusts lighting and climate control accordingly. This allows for both energy savings and a pleasant living comfort, without any effort required on the part of the users."

A practical example is the situation where a lot of natural sunlight enters an office space where people are working. The light intensity can then increase significantly, sometimes up to 20,000 lux. By automatically dimming the lighting and lowering the interior blinds, the Mymesh system ensures a pleasant working environment and considerable energy savings.

Ara Almelo is the first logistics building in the Netherlands to comply with the EU Taxonomy Regulation, a transparent classification system that emerged from the Paris Climate Agreement. By applying the smart lighting system in four separate offices of Ara Almelo, Mymesh has contributed substantially to the building's high level of sustainability. The automated, software-based Mymesh system controls the general lighting of the offices, covering a total area of 2,597 sqm, and is based on motion detection and daylight control. In doing so, it benefits the environment in several ways, including minimal light pollution, energy-efficient outdoor lighting and lighting control for users of the building. The system also plays a role in water leakage prevention in toilets by controlling water valves based on motion detection.

For the lighting installation in Ara Almelo, Mymesh collaborated with three other parties in the 'Capella' concept. This concept reflects the brand identity of Stellar Development, the property developer of the logistics centre. Capella combines state-of-the-art technology from four suppliers, including Trilux (lighting in the building), FiberUnlimited (ultra-thin polymer-optic-fibre IT infrastructure) and Innotec (emergency lighting). This cooperation allows Ara Almelo to offer maximum flexibility and scalability to its users. Mymesh's wireless lighting system, for instance, makes it quick and easy to rearrange office spaces. The lighting plan can be adjusted by changing the software, without the need to route or pull cables.

About Ara Almelo

Ara Almelo was built through the efforts of the property developer Stellar Development CV, a partnership of Stellar Development BV and Heembouw. The project is based on Stellar Development's four brand pillars - Nature, Architecture, Technology and Functionality. The logistics centre covers more than 40,000 sqm and is characterized by a nature-inclusive and sustainable approach. A natural screen of almost 15 metres high and one kilometre long, has been erected around the building. Ara Almelo positions itself as the natural business card of XL Business park Twente. The centre complies with European taxonomy guidelines (the EU Taxonomy) and obtained the BREEAM NL Very Good certificate.

About Mymesh

Mymesh is a wireless networking solution that improves the sustainability performance of buildings, organizations and users. With scalable, secure, robust and cost-effective features, Mymesh offers a unique solution for managing lighting, climate and shading, creating a better living and working environment in buildings. Mymesh aims to create a new generation of smart buildings with its ‘living buildings’ approach. Living buildings are buildings that think proactively with users. They sense exactly how much fresh air is needed when a company canteen fills up with people or they provide safe lighting in a parking garage. All this is made possible by the unique Mymesh network protocol. Mymesh is part of Simac and is based in Haarlem. The company employs approximately 25 people.


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