Strawinsky house

August 2023

Strawinsky House. A renovated sustainable office building in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district

What was once a bunker-like office building built in the 1970s will soon be a modern workplace covering 10,587 square meters. After a thorough renovation, the Strawinsky House in the south of Amsterdam will be transformed into a modern and sustainable office building,  with an appearance that matches the hustle and bustle of the Zuidas district. Work started in July 2021 and the tenant is scheduled to move in in the autumn of 2023.

Mymesh helps achieve sustainability rating

The renovated office will meet today's sustainability standards, including the use of sustainable materials and solar panels. The building also uses thermal energy storage (TES) technology and has a heat pump for climate control. The renovated Strawinsky House aims to achieve BREEAM Outstanding, the highest level of sustainable building accreditation.

To achieve this, the building will be equipped with a Mymesh 3 lighting and climate control solution. This is a fully wireless lighting control system for all types of lighting, based on motion detection and daylight control. It also provides extensive sensor data to the building management system, for adjustment of the interior climate. The Mymesh 3 solution is demand-controlled, based on temperature and occupancy, thanks to Mymesh’s TriSensors

In this way, Mymesh makes a significant contribution to achieving the BREEAM score, which goes far beyond increasing energy savings and comfort improvements. In addition to lighting and climate control, Mymesh offers convenient applications such as the Mymesh Room Control App, which allows occupants to individually control the light and climate in a room.

The Strawinsky House is realized in collaboration with Egeria Real Estate Development and FLOW Real Estate as well as with Mymesh’s partners Trilux, HC RT, De Bosman Bedrijven and Schneider Electric.

Voortgang bouw Strawinskyhuis, plafond met duurzame verlichting

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