VPRO Television

January 2023

About the Company

The VPRO is a Dutch modern cross-media broadcasting association with a long track record. Innovator since 1926, the birthplace of iconic television and radio programs, a breeding ground for innovation and talent and a stage for compelling stories and storytellers.

The VPRO wants to continue to play an important role in the coming years as a supplier of programs that matter to a large and interested audience. The VPRO maintains a creative social and cultural network and has a committed following of members, subscribers, donors, and sympathizers.

A perfect fit

In 2018, the VPRO had the desire to upgrade all their fluorescent lights to LED tubes. This retrofit was the ideal moment to also implement advanced lighting control to ensure a more energy efficient and comfortable ambiance. However, the architecture did not give away much space for additional cables. As project lead, the innovative Kronenburg group chose Mymesh’s T8  to hit two birds with one stone.

The T8 smart LED tube enables advanced daylight-harvesting control while it increases efficiency tremendously. Chess calculated that similar projects can save up to 80% on their energy consumption with a similar upgrade to Connected LED.

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