Utrecht City Hall

January 2023

About the Building

The beautiful monumental city hall Utrecht dates from the Middle Ages. It was granted city law in 1122 and was rebuilt around 1826-1830 to a design by the Utrecht city architect Johannes van Embden, in a neoclassical style.

In its lifetime the building has been completely renovated a number of times. This time, however, the renovation is completely different; Utrecht city hall has now become a smart building due to the installation of Mymesh.

When the future meets history

The original lights of the Utrecht city hall were all converted to smart alternatives. More than 2000 lamps have been equipped with a Mymesh controller, creating a smart data-infrastructure throughout the entire building. This opened the doors to many innovative features. The lamps in the wedding hall were equipped with RGBW lighting and controlled with Mymesh via Heuvelman’s state-of-the-art audio and visual control panel. This integration was done via the Mymesh REST-API ensuring that every occasion has its own unique ambience.

For the special decorative lights -that give the building its beautiful character, a special E27 LED Light with integrated Mymesh controller was produced for the unique Miralles wall luminaires. All new TRILUX luminaires were equipped with Mymesh controllers too.

Sustainability was the main argument to renovate the city hall in Utrecht. Efficient LED lights and automatic light control based on motion detection and daylight harvesting, contributed to this goal significantly. Verosol’s intelligent roller blinds FourC -which operate on Mymesh too- were included in the renovation to drive up the sustainability even more. This system measures the outside climate and automatically adjusts the position of the blinds for optimal indoor climate and light protection. The effective blinds from Verosol are heat resistant in the summer and insulating in the winter.

Last but not least, the whole Mymesh ecosystem got connected to the building’s automation system via I/O interfaces.

Click here to read more about our smart lighting solutions in the Utrecht City Hall.

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