January 2023

About Tripolis-Park

Tripolis-Park is a high-performance office space of 50,000 m2, with cutting-edge standards in sustainability, wellbeing and technology. An eco-conscious campus built to stimulate the mind. Defining a new vision to create the optimal environment for individuals and businesses to thrive of Uber and De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek.

The next generation Smart Building

Sustainability, health and safety are central to the development of the new generation of smart buildings. The applied innovative sensor technology measures all environmental variables such as room temperature, movement, occupancy, light and relative humidity. Mymesh realizes a fully integrated control of the biodynamic (HCL) lighting and the indoor climate, whereby a link in the cloud has been realized for climate control. Together with the Mymesh wireless digital infrastructure, these applications form the backbone for sustainable building automation.

Bluetooth beaconing localization technology is applied for a smart Room Control App for smartphone that allows the user to control only the room he is in. The Mymesh data infrastructure will also be connected to various cloud applications for Smart Maintenance and Productivity apps from third parties.

Tripolis-Park is being carried out in close collaboration with the client Flow Development and the partners Trilux, HC RT, De Bosman Bedrijven and Schneider Electric.

A joint press lunch was organized during construction, hosted by Frits Sissing. Watch the video for a nice summary of this meeting.

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