Scotrail Station

January 2023

About Scotrail Station

Scotrail is on journey to a more sustainable railway that is pivotal in supporting local economies and connecting communities across Scotland. To achive this they are working towards decarbonising Scotland’s rail network by 2035. Additionally, they providie infrastructure that makes customer’s lives easier such as bike parking and electric vehicle charging, in the hope to encourage more people to leave their car at home and use the railway to get around Scotland.

Scotrail Station

ScotRail is embarking on a journey to make their stations smarter. Controlling the lighting automatically, and monitoring for faults and emergency testing will make the maintenance more efficient. The client chose to upgrade the lighting with luminaires from Designplan. The IK15 rated luminaires are ultimately suitable for the challenging environment. All the lighting on platforms, concourse area and ticket office was upgraded and brought onto 1 mesh wireless network.

The Mymesh installation automatically controls the lighting based on a local time clock. Personnel can override this with key-switches if they need to. The emergency lighting is automatically tested for a monthly function test, and yearly duration test, where the system provides centralised reporting.

Having the testing and reporting automated over the many stations will bring significant improvement in the efficiency of the maintenance and will guarantee compliance.

In an ongoing  3 year program, all 8000 luminaires will be replaced by smart variants. The status at the end of 2019 – 3000 luminaires replaced.

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