Project Vitarom Neurath

January 2023

About Vitarom Neurath

Located deep in the west of Noordrijn-Westfalen, the greenhouse built in 2011 is the most modern of Vitarom. Tomatoes (six varieties) and cucumbers of the highest quality grow here in a perfect environment. At Vitarom, tasty, regional vegetables are grown all year round. As an innovative producer, Vitarom ensures that the high-quality products arrive fresh-packed at the customers, because healthy food should not be a luxury!

Smart LED grow lights in Horticulture

Imagine a world where growers are able to obtain insights and control over the crops’ lighting so that greenhouses and vertical farming applications can optimise the light recipe and optimise crop growth in the most economically profitable way. 

With LED grow lights horticulture enters a new era of sustainable solutions for managed crop growth. Optimising the light intensity using the Mymesh wireless light control system, using both daylight and LED grow lights, the system lifetime will be increased, the energy consumption and CO2 emissions reduced. Wireless light control is by far the simplest way to add advanced control functionality to existing and new installations as it minimises the need for new control cabling. With Mymesh there is no limitation in the amount of groups or the number of grow lights in a group or network.

For a large greenhouse (160.000m2) in Grevenbroich, Germany (nearby Dusseldorf) with thousands of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce produced everyday, Vitarom Neurath was seeking for new lighting technology that would be able to dim their lights in their greenhouse. Approximately 3.200 fixtures delivered by Tungsram, Hungary are commissioned and controlled by the Mymesh wireless light control system.

Each grow light fixture has a Mymesh Micro BLC Industrial wireless controller mounted on top of the fixture to control both LED drivers. The 3.200 fixtures are divided in seven groups so that it is possible to control sections of the greenhouse. Every group can be dimmed to meet the right amount of light for the crops in the greenhouse with a click of a mouse button. How cool is that?

Behind the scenes a special climate control computer communicates with our Mymesh Modbus Server interface module. This Modbus server is installed in range with the Mymesh network and receives commands from the climate computer. This connection makes it possible to use external computers or other devices to connect with the Mymesh network.

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