Parking garage Musis

January 2023

About Parking garage Musis

With 690 parking spaces, the Musis car park is one of the largest car parks in Arnhem and is located on the edge of the city center. From this parking garage you can reach both the city theater and Musis park in a 2-minute walk. The well-known shops on Vijzelstraat are also within easy reach. Are you coming to Arnhem specifically for shopping and entertainment? Then Parking Garage Musis is an excellent choice.

Extensive light control for Musis parking garage, Arnhem

You enter the parking garage at level -1 via an underground tunnel and eventually arrive at the parking roof at level 11. This partly underground and mainly above-ground parking garage offers many possibilities for optimizing the energy consumption of the lighting with a Mymesh wireless light control system.

In addition to motion detection for all levels, a twilight switch is also used for the parking roof, so that the light only switches on when there is movement when it is dark outside.

Because you can drive out 24/7, the lighting is set to 20% when there is no movement and 70% when movement is detected. This way you are never in the dark and you never look into a dark hole. The tunnel entrance is closed from 00:30 – 06:00, so the tunnel lighting will then be switched off for maximum energy savings.

In the porter’s lodge, the lighting can be switched on completely to 100% for emergencies or maintenance work and set back to automatic control.

The project was delivered to the municipality in close collaboration with Trilux Lighting Solutions and the installer ITN Installatietechniek.

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