LTS Architects London office

January 2023

About LTS Architects London office

Consultancy firm Hoare Lea was tasked to design the lighting for the new London office for LTS Architects in London, located on 66 Wentworth Street. The office is a modern design, with lots of exposed ‘industrial’ features (pipes, concrete, recycled ‘plaster’ board. It has two floors with open plan office areas, meeting rooms and communal areas including a kitchen.

About the project


The lighting design approach is all about enhancing the space, reducing contrast and using RGB features to create pleasant background scenes. With concrete ceilings and exposed mechanics, the clutter has to be minimal.


For the lighting control the Mymesh system was selected. The wireless technology makes it very easy to install without complex wiring. The battery operated sensors and switches makes placement on concrete and exposed ceilings very easy. The lighting is operated based on PIR presence detection. To manage large contrast to the minimum for visual comfort, the light is kept at a comfortable background level during absence with RGB features giving coloured accents. Where natural light pours in, the lighting is dimmed with day light harvesting for the main areas. The meeting rooms have different scenes that can be selected by the users. The system is connected to the Cloud via an ethernet gateway.


Key is the future developments; the site is a test-bed to develop a user-friendly scene configuration App, LightSim by Hoare Lea, where the user can design and pre-view scenes for all areas and upload them to the network. This will then be developed further to be suitable for large architectural office applications.

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