Harper Green School goes Smart

January 2023

About Harper Green School

Harper Green School was opened officially in 1927 as a new Central School. Since that time many changes have taken place in its size, population and purpose. Currently it has a capacity of 1,400 pupils and is spread out of several blocks. Harper Green School is playing a major role in Farnworth in particular and Bolton in general as an education institution and a focal point in the community.

Harper Green School is part of Leverhulme Academy Church Of England And Community Trust, together with Rivington and Blackrod High School with 1900 pupils.

About the project

New built installs Mymesh to be future proof


The lighting and emergency lighting in all the buildings needs to be upgraded. Upgrading to LED will bring an significant step, but by using time-based lighting levels, presence detection and day-light harvesting the energy bill can be reduced further and the carbon footprint of the organisation minimised. Furthermore, the school (and the academy) see that Smart building trends could help the school in the future. It would be ideal if asset tracking would allow them to keep an eye out for all the iPad. A Smart Building could geo-fence them to a certain location.


LDL Lighting, as a local lighting manufacturer, is working closely with the school on a upgrade programme for their buildings across all sites. The first installation is a new built, two floor block with 10 classrooms, offices, individual rooms and circulation areas. The Mymesh system was used to connect all lighting, emergency lighting and sensors wirelessly. Furthermore, an ethernet connection interfaces with the Cloud and provides Monitoring and reporting on energy, faults and emergency lighting testing.


The Mymesh system connects all 236 lights, 58 sensors and 16 switches in one wireless mesh network. The wireless connection enables cost savings in the newly built installation by making all the control wiring unnecessary. The interface to the fire alarm and burglar alarm system will instantly switch all lights to 100% in case of an emergency, providing additional safety and security.

As a next step the Smart Building opportunities will be explored. Air quality monitoring and asset tracking are options on the table.

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