Gravesend pier

January 2023

About Gravesend

Gravesend is a beautiful ancient port city on the south bank of the River Thames, at the east side of London. As it is close to the diocese of Rochester, it was appointed as the centre of the Borough of Gravesham.
Due to its locations, Gravesend has had strong strategic importance throughout maritime and communication history. As it was a gateway to the rest of the UK through water, it houses the oldest cast-iron pier in the world.

The project

There are 20 lights on the pier at Gravesend. The lamps were due for replacement. Instead of having the lamps replaced, the existing lamps have been retrofitted. The existing fixtures have been retained and now have a new LED module. The LED module consists of general lighting and emergency lighting. The emergency lighting is equipped with Mymesh for remote monitoring via Lumitel AST.

Lumitel AST Powered by Mymesh

Lumitel® AST is a cloud-connected, wireless Emergency automated self-test solution, negating the burden and overhead of manual inspection of emergency lighting. We are very proud to announce that Lumitel AST Powered by Mymesh won The Lux Award in the category for Emergency Lighting product of the year 2019.

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