City of Stadskanaal

January 2023

About the City

Europe counts over 91 million street lights. These lights make up for the biggest Government expenditure on energy consumption with a European estimate of over over 10 billion euros a year. With smart lighting, a safe, comfortable and sustainable environment is possible while becoming very efficient.

By dimming the public lighting based on actual demand, our public lighting networks can save up to 60% energy. The smart infrastructure also reduces maintenance costs of up to 30%. Smart cities are the future which we create today.

How Stadskanaal became the darkest Dutch city

Chess and Luminext joined forces to create a Scalable, Robust and Secure Smart-City infrastructure and dashboard. Chess provided the hardware where Luminext delivered the software to manage the whole network via their specialised dashboard; Luminizer.

Stadskanaal is a city and municipality in Groningen, a province in the North-Eastern part of the Netherlands. When the municipality decided to replace all street lighting for new energy-efficient LED they chose to include smart light control. This enabled the service provider to remotely monitor all individual lights and maintain them accordingly.

A total of 5000 street lights were wirelessly connected in a network area of 100 square. kilometre. -the biggest Mymesh network by surface. The remote control works via a special dimming scheme editor on the Lumizer platform to adjust the city-wide light levels.

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