Biological Youngplants

January 2023

Always have the right light

The Dutch agriculture sector is a worldwide pioneer and undisputed market leader in blossoms, plants, bulbs and proliferation material and the number three exporter in wholesome cultivation items. It forms the heart of an international network for floriculture, bulbs, and decorative trees as well as fruit, herbs and vegetables.

One of the most crucial elements in this sector is to always have the right lighting conditions at the right time.
Together with leading companies from the industry such as MechaTronix, Mymesh has specialised features to help Horti-professionals get the most out of their lighting.

How Mymesh makes an impact

With LED grow lights horticulture enters a new era of sustainable solutions for managed crop growth. Via its Management System, Mymesh gives the grower crucial insight and control over the crops’ lighting. For both greenhouse and vertical farming applications, you can optimize your light recipe and maximize crop growing results.
Optimizing light intensity level using both daylight and LED grow lights will increase the system lifetime and reduce both energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

With over 55 different mother plant variations in the greenhouse, Biological Young plants in the Dutch city of Poeldijk has over 13 million SKAL certified propagative cuttings. The company uses specialised LED grow lights called MechaTronix CoolStacks  -controlled by Mymesh, to optimise the growth of every type of plant. These lights are controlled via the Mymesh Calendar which was specifically designed to answer the Horti’s needs.
“Especially in this first season, it is still a matter of trial and error, but we can already see the plants becoming more vigorous. And not only that: the cuttings also grow roots much faster. It seems like the cuttings are bursting with energy. The young plants have more strength.” says Gerard van der Knaap, owner of Biological Young Plants

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