BAM Energy Systems

January 2023

About BAM Energy Systems

BAM Energy Systems has been fully engaged for years in achieving energy savings and increasing the sustainability and well-being of people. They do this by supplying and managing energy and sustainable energy systems for office buildings and homes. Due to technical and economic developments, BAM Energy Systems is now able to use renewable energy in many of its projects in an economically viable manner. And in addition to solar- and wind energy, they also develop solutions in the field of bio-energy, geo-thermal heat and environmental energy.

BAM Energy Systems does more than just developing and realizing healthy and energy-efficient buildings. They manage and operate installations and building management systems. It is a company that spearheads the field of sustainability. In 2017 the company moved to another building in Bunnik. BAM Energy Systems has chosen to integrate Mymesh into their building due to its ease-of-installation and efficient characteristics.

About the project

BAM Energy Systems was one of Mymesh’s early adopters. As sustainability and well-being of people are important topics, these themes have been the central focus point when moving to their new office building. BAM wanted the lighting to be revolutionary. BAM’s reason to choose for Mymesh.

The building is used as an open-plan office which meant that lighting needed to be dynamic and responsive to indoor and outdoor factors. The office got equipped with motion detectors and daylight harvesting sensors to save energy and behave organically while ensuring these goals. This was simply done by hooking up Mymesh to the LED Panels that were integrated into the suspended ceiling.In the various meeting rooms, scenes switches were implemented to toggle between different scenes, depending on the kind of occasion (presentation, meetings etc. etc.).

Because BAM is an early adopter of Mymesh, this project clearly shows how adoptive Mymesh is. Through time, the capabilities of BAM’s building have been growing with every software update. An easy example is the fall-back function to automatic control was released in early 2019. This was activated almost two years after instalment.


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