Atlas ArenA car parks Amsterdam (Africa, America, Australia, Asia) 

August 2023

Mymesh Smart Lighting in car parks Atlas ArenA 

Smart lighting control in car parks Atlas ArenA

Atlas ArenA is a multifunctional office campus and business community in South-East Amsterdam, developed to promote a better work-life balance. Atlas ArenA offers state-of-the-art offices and access to convenient services. Everything is available to improve concentration and increase productivity, but also to exercise, eat and relax. Atlas ArenA is home to world-renowned brands and up-and-coming start-ups. 

Mymesh 1 installed in four car parks

The car parks of Atlas ArenA’s Africa, America, Australia and Asia buildings are being renovated and equipped with intelligent lighting control. Together with Trilux, Mymesh has installed Mymesh 1 Smart Lighting: a fully automatic lighting control system for general lighting. Mymesh 1 works on the basis of motion detection and daylight control.

Never in a dark car park

With Mymesh 1, during office hours, when no movement is detected, the lighting is on at 10%. This is called orientation lighting. As soon as movement is detected, lights come on at 70 to 80%. This means that building occupants will never find themselves in a dark car park during office hours. Outside office hours, the lights switch off completely (this is an additional feature of Mymesh 1).

More output with white walls

Mymesh, in itself, is a major contribution to sustainability. But there are other clever tricks that can make a significant contribution to sustainability. For example, the walls of the renovated car parks were painted white. As a result, with 70% light output, there is 100% light effect! When it comes to smart energy management, Mymesh is all for it.

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