Newsletter | April 2022 | Smart Buildings

April 2022

This month is all about the next generation of Smart Buildings! Read on for more inspiring projects about buildings with the latest Smart Building technology.

Press lunch Tripolis-Park: Smart Building technology

We proudly present the largest construction project of this moment: Tripolis-Park. See how Mymesh is used as a central infrastructure for monitoring and controlling light and climate within the building. Sustainability is paramount here in order to realize a healthy, safe and efficient building where ultimate ease of use for the user is a precondition.

A press lunch was organized during construction, hosted by Frits Sissing. Watch the video for a summary of this meeting.

MIPIM: Smart Buildings through integral cooperation

At the invitation of Boelens de Gruyter,  our CEO, Han Bak, was able to give a presentation about Smart Building technology at the annual international real estate event MIPIM in Cannes..

Together with Mapiq and Physee we have presented the message that a building becomes smart by working together in an integrated manner. “I think you should avoid installing too many boxes and infrastructure. All those tech companies that mainly push their own solution…. That’s not how the world works, is it?” according to Han Bak. Smart Buildings are especially smart if you don’t install all kinds of separate systems next to each other, but instead make use of each other’s solutions.

Do you want to read more about the MIPIM event in Cannes? Click here

Lunch meeting: Smart Building technology

Smart Building technology is developing rapidly. That is why we have started organizing lunch meetings in which trends and developments in the world of Smart Building technology are central topics.

Thursday 31 March was the first in the series in which Han Bak (CEO) and Wim Hogenhout (Sales Manager) discussed issues such as; “What may and can be expected from a Smart Building?” and “In which way Smart Building technology improves the performance of buildings, organizations and users?”.

The guests got an idea of Smart Building technology that is applied in the Tripolis-Park project. This technology is setting a new standard in the field of sustainability, safety and health.

News… Certified..!

The Mymesh wireless control system consisting of the Mymesh network with actuators, sensors, gateway, Edge cloud server and commissioning device is GOLD certified by the IASME’s IoT Security Assured scheme. We are very proud Mymesh is fully compliant with the ETSI technical standard for IoT security, EN 303 645, and with the proposed UK IoT security legislation and guidance.

Find out more about IASME:


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