April 2022 | Press lunch Tripolis-park

April 2022

Presentation Tripolis-Park project: Press lunch about Smart Building technology

How often do you get the chance to be informed about the in’s and out’s of the latest generation Smart Building technology at one of the largest construction sites of this moment, overlooking the Amsterdam Zuidas and enjoying a great lunch?

We are talking about the Tripolis-Park project! More information: www.tripolis-park.com

We invited the press to the construction site to share what Chess is achieving for Flow Development with its partners Bosman, Trilux and HCRT. Under the inspiring leadership of Frits Sissing, Sjoerd Lycklama, Wouter Oosting, Pieter ter Woerd and our own CEO, Han Bak, we have shed light on this trend-setting development that is used at the Triplois-Park to make buildings smart.

Sjoerd Lycklama (Flow Development) spoke about Flow’s vision to realize the campus. The success of this vision is evident from the fact that already over 50,000 square meter was fully rented well before the completion of the project. Wouter Oosting, from CBRE, discussed the developments of hybrid working. During the development of the Tripolis project, we had to respond to the changing requirements that were given due to the corona pandemic.

Pieter ter Woerd from New Ground Law who was involved in the project, provided insights into the legal aspects that are involved in the development of such a complex project whereby the monumental status created even more complexity.

And last but definitely not least Han Bak presented, as the organizer of the press lunch, about new generation Smart Building technology. Where previously mainly separate systems were brought together into one dashboard, the step to one central infrastructure for monitoring and controlling light, climate and more is the next big step that is now being taken at the Tripolis-Park project with the Mymesh solution. Sustainability is the key in order to realize a healthy, safe and efficient building where ultimate ease of use for the user is a precondition.

The guided tour afterwards was a unique opportunity for the press to get a good impression about the complexity of a project like Tripolis-Park.

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