Gravesham City Council

January 2023

About the Gravesham

Gravesham is a local government district in the north-west of Kent, England. Gravesham is also a city. Gravesham was formed in 1974 as a result of a merger of other municipalities. Gravesend merged with Northfleet Urban District and part of Strood Rural District.

About the project

The lighting in the parking garage of Gravesham was due for replacement. In this renovation project, the existing lighting has been replaced by new lighting. The new lighting also had to have a light control system. It was decided to use Mymesh because it allowed them to easily implement light control with motion detection and remote monitoring for emergency lighting.

In case of an emergency, the present fire detection system triggers Mymesh to automatically set itself in calamity mode; To override all settings and increase light-output to 100%.

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