Bluewater Parking

January 2023

About Bluewater Shopping Centre

One of the UK’s biggest shopping centres has become one of the most intelligent shopping and leisure destinations in the world following the installation of a new state-of-the-art (lighting) control system.

Located in Stone, Kent, Bluewater is amongst the UK’s largest shopping centres with over 330 shops within 155,700m2 of space and over 13,000 parking spaces. After careful research, Mymesh was the protocol of choice to make the entire mall smart and adaptive.

Parkings at Bluewater

Bluewater has several state-of-the-art parkings to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for its visitors. Mymesh made every light smart, creating a robust and secure data-infrastructure to further develop products and features for the location. This allows the vicinity to operate completely autonomous and sensor-based. In order to stay sustainable during a 24h cycle, all lights are automatically dimmed back to 20% – based on motion detection, when the parking is not in use.

Ashley Bateup, Technical Director of 8Point3LED, said “One of the implementations of this system is the automatic self-test of emergency lighting. In order to remain compliant, emergency lights need to be periodically tested. These tests need to then be logged.”

Mymesh emergency does this all automatically, saving a lot of resources for the organisation whilst ensuring they stay compliant with the latest regulations. This application received a prestigious LuxAward for being the best emergency lighting product of 2019.

In an ongoing  3 year program, all 8000 luminaires will be replaced by smart variants. The status at the end of 2019 – 3000 luminaires replaced.

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