Remote Switch (White)

Article number: BLC.5023.001
Mymesh licht icoonLight

The Remote Switch is a wireless light, dimming and scene switch with a battery for flexible wall mounting. The Remote Switch enables you to switch on/off the light, gradual dim the light or select a scene for lighting fixtures equipped with a Mymesh wireless light controller.

Technical Summary

Simple wall mount installation. Fits an electrical back box, no additional cables.

The Remote switch is equipped with three buttons with the following functions: (1) Remote Dimmer Switch: one button on/off switch and two buttons for gradual dimming to turn up/down the light. (2) Remote Scene Switch: one button on/off switch and two buttons for scene select with a maximum of 4 scenes. (3) Master Switch: on, off or Ready (automatic/ manual) to overrule a whole building or floor. (4) Dim to warm. (5) Dim and tuneable white.

The Remote Switch is a three-button control panel with a 10-year battery life.

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