Mymesh 4INPUT

Mymesh licht icoonLight

The Mymesh 4INPUT is a small smart wireless module with four digital inputs, and four configurable control functions (network outputs). The 4INPUT can be used as a voltage free contact sensor to log alarms, door contacts, water detection sensors, overflow sensors etc to the Mymesh Management System or a third party cloud platform. Second the 4INPUT can be used as a digital input switch to connect third party devices like switches to your Mymesh network. All of our sensor or actuator functions can be commissioned as configurable control functionality of the 4INPUT. Mains powered input: 100-240 Vac 50/60Hz.

Technical Summary

The Mymesh 4INPUT is small enough to fit into almost anything.

Mymesh is a fully mesh wireless network protocol in which the applied Mymesh components communicate with each other and automatically organise themselves into a fully integrated wireless sensor- and control network, resulting in a robust and scalable smart control system that inherently is the foundation for a smart building network.

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