Modbus Setpoint Control

Article number: BLC.1110.001
Mymesh licht icoonLight

The Modbus Setpoint Control controls lighting via the Mymesh network. Through the network, it is capable of controlling intensity, tuneable white and full colour. The Modbus server device has eight registers where any Modbus client can read from or write to. Through the registers, the client can control certain setpoints (intensity/tuneable white/RGBW) of the eight groups.

Technical Summary

The Modbus Setpoint Control is connected to a Modbus PLC -or similar device. The eight registers are commissioned via the Mymesh App. Here you connect them to a room or zone. Mains powered single phase 230VAC (+/-10% 50Hz).

For Modbus Server programmers who want to implement light control via the Modbus interface, a separate interface design document (IDD) is available.

Connect to third party Building Automation System or Horticulture Climate Computer

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