We just launched v2.13.2

April 2020

Mymesh v2.13.2 is out now!

After months of hard work, we’re delighted to showcase Mymesh V2.13.2.

This update comprises new additions to the ecosystem, an app overhaul with new exciting features around RGBW/Tunable White and a detailed floor-plan integration for Mymesh Management Service.

A powerful Partnership

Mymesh integrates with Helvar’s new wireless product line; Freedom. This strong partnership realizes a complete luminaire concept where any Helvar LED driver is wirelessly managed by a Freedom Node Mymesh controller unit. The solution creates a robust and omnipresent mesh network that is can be used as a sophisticated data-infrastructure for any environment.

Additional Features for the Remote Switch

The switch configuration in the room settings menu has been extended with a “dim and TW” option. The remote switch will traverse in 7 steps either from minimum to maximum dim level or from minimum to maximum white temperature. Long press on the central button toggles between both modes.

Note: This feature requires Mymesh release R2.13.2.

Scenes with RGBW and Tunable white

The room menu has been extended with a configuration screen for a scene switch, which allows for tunable white/colour set points. Applied settings are directly visible. Room settings are stored within the lamps of a room and can be changed in the lamp menu afterwards.

Navigation just became a lot quicker

Mymesh Management System is evolving fast. With this release, the option for detailed floor plans is added. Navigate through your building with great ease and precision.

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