Sustainable Projects and a New Team Member

September 2023

The summer vacation has come to an end, and we are now entering an eventful autumn season. We're thrilled to share some exciting updates with you.

To start, Mymesh has played a crucial role in elevating the sustainability rating of the newly renovated Strawinskyhuis at Zuidas. Additionally, the installation of Mymesh 3 is being implemented at the new headquarters of SIMAC ICT in Belgium.

In addition, we warmly welcome Emeka Ojeah to the Mymesh team as an Inside Sales Engineer. Prior to joining us, Emeka gained valuable experience at Feenstra, where he contributed to their support operations. Read more below...

Han Bak

CEO, Mymesh

Mymesh in new headquarters SIMAC ICT Belgium

Technology company Simac is realizing its new Belgian headquarters at Haasrode Research Park. The new building covers 3,500 square meters of floor space, offers workplaces for 140 employees and is particularly ecological in design.

More sustainable with Mymesh 3

Mymesh 3 technology, powered by Simac, will be implemented in the innovative head office building. Mymesh 3 is an automatic lighting control system, based on motion detection and daylight control. It also provides extensive sensor data for adjustment of climate systems via the building management system (a Priva system).

Mymesh in the renovated Strawinsky House in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district

After a thorough renovation, the Strawinsky House in the south of Amsterdam will be transformed into a modern and sustainable office building. Work started in July 2021 and the tenant is scheduled to move in in the autumn of 2023.

Mymesh helps achieve sustainability rating

The renovated Strawinsky House aims to achieve BREEAM Outstanding certification. To achieve this, it will be equipped with Mymesh 3 lighting and climate control. Mymesh 3 is a fully wireless lighting control system for all types of lighting, based on motion detection and daylight control.

Introductie Emeka Ojeah (Inside Sales Engineer)

Hello everyone, my name is Emeka Ojeah and I was born and raised in Amsterdam. Apart from the clichés that I am always up for a chat about Ajax and the beauty of Amsterdam, I like to watch motor racing and play music with friends in my spare time. I also like to spend time in the restaurant where I used to work, just to have a good time. I like to approach each working day with a smile, which, obviously, does not mean that I do not take my work seriously. I just like a relaxed atmosphere.

My previous job was at Feenstra, the central heating installer, where I worked in support. This meant that I tried to solve technical problems remotely and scheduled a technician when necessary. I also did support work for the department itself (planning and day-to-day management). After three great years, I felt that I needed more depth and challenge in a job, partly because of my background in automotive and aerospace engineering. During my search for a new job, a recruitment agency introduced me to Mymesh. Mymesh is a great company and I am looking forward to working with my new colleagues on this fantastic product.

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