Mymesh GST product line

Discover the future of
pluggable products

Optimize the
installation process

Mymesh's new product line with Wieland GST connectors offers installers significant benefits, allowing installations to be carried out faster, safer and hassle-free. Switching to pluggable installation eliminates the chaos of loose wires and reduces the risk of wrong connections, making the installation process significantly easier.

Pluggable installation not only has short-term benefits, such as simplification of lengthy and repetitive tasks, but also long-term benefits. It allows for quick, easy and cost-efficient adjustments in the future. This makes both the Mymesh system and the installation of GST modules smart, future-proof and robust.

Efficient, cost-saving
and reliable


The uniform connection of all components with Wieland's GST connector is an essential addition to the Mymesh product suite. Wieland is renowned in the installation business for the reliability of their certified GST-pluggable connectors. This reputation is now being integrated into the Mymesh GST product line.

Efficient & cost-saving

Since the Mymesh GST-pluggable products can be installed considerably simpler and faster, it is possible to speed up the installation process or even to carry it out with less manpower. This impacts costs in a positive way. Experience the Mymesh GST product line in our 3D visualisations of the Mymesh 3+ implementation level.