Cupower Driver 40W

Cupower Compact 40W LED Driver

Article number: BLC.7300.001
Mymesh licht icoonLight

The Cupower Mymesh Compact 40W LED Driver is a Mymesh wirelessly controllable and dimmable LED driver. It replaces traditional dimmable drivers and is the simplest solution for instant, wireless control of your lighting fixtures. The 40W LED driver with NFC adjustable power output is easy to install with no additional control cables required.

Technical Summary

The LED driver is easy to install due to accessible design. The smart driver can be connected to luminaires with a maximum of 40W. Via NFC the output current is adjustable between 300-1050mA.

With the Mymesh Building Light Control module integrated in the driver it is instantly connected to the Mymesh network and wirelessly controllable. The Cupower LED driver enables wireless switching, dimming and scenes. The driver is ideal for those who seek high energy savings with minimal installation time and costs.

Dimming and switching of a wide range of LED luminaires. 50% to 60% additional energy savings with automatic light control using motion detection and daylight harvesting.

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