Newsletter | March 2021

April 2021

Newsletter [March. 2021]

A lot has happened in the past month. In this newsletter, we’ll go over some highlights one more time.

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Let’s go!

A whole year of working remotely

Our very first team meeting [March 2020]

A moment to overthink. It’s been a year since we unexpectedly had to grab our gear to move operations to the ‘comfort’ of our homes. Since then, almost all operations -including the Friday afternoon drinks, are done from attics, living rooms, and kitchen tables.

It’s been strange, fun, and difficult on some occasions but we are doing better than ever.

Mymesh is increasing in market share, the team is growing and new innovations are on the verge of release.

We’re delighted to announce that as of this month, Mymesh becomes available in Turkey! Arkilum, a household name in the industry, is our new Mymesh partner.

ARKİLUM was established in Istanbul in 2015 to develop a “Turnkey” approach to the needs of Architectural and Commercial Lighting Engineering.

By partnering with Lighting Designers, Electrical Project Design companies, Architects, Environmental Planners and Green Building Consultants, we ensure that buildings achieve energy-efficient, innovative and sustainable lighting solutions.

By using DALI Lighting Control Systems, Emergency Lighting Fixtures & Monitoring Systems and LED Lighting Fixtures; We stand by our partners and investors at all stages of our projects, from the Project Design Process to Sales, from the Commissioning Process to After Sales Support Services, and we finalize the projects with a “Turnkey Lighting Engineering” approach.

Moving to a new address

The art of moving

After a whole year of working from home, we have left our former office and moved to something a lot bigger.

Our new Postal/Shipping address is:

Chess Wise B.V.
Oudeweg 115B,
2031CC Haarlem
The Netherlands

  • By Car
    Mymesh HQ is easily accessible by taking exit ‘Haarlem/Zandvoort’ on the A9 Highway towards Haarlem (A200).
  • By Public Transport
    Take the bus! With an 8-minute bus ride (Bus 15) from Haarlem station, in the direction of the Waarderpolder, you’ll reach the Nijverheidsweg. Get out there and walk to our office (±1 minute).
  • By Plane
    Our office is in close proximity to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. A taxi can take you from Schiphol Plaza to Mymesh HQ in 19 minutes for approximately €50.

At the moment of writing, we’re very busy moving furniture and servers. Once everyone has settled down, we’ll do a quick tour.

A new series

Together with Pleuni Verbeeten

In the Netherlands, we’ve resumed our interview series ‘At the table with’. In these weekly episodes, we interview (Dutch) experts in the field of “Smart Building development”. However, we’re about to go international. Are you an expert in one of the many disciplines within the Smart Building industry, let us know! We are eager to talk to you.

Our latest episodes:

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