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December 2022

We are almost there… Only twelve more nights of sleep until 2023!

Enjoy reading the last topic of the year about our Mymesh wireless control system used at ceiling renovations.

See you next year, where we would like to continue to inspire you about the trends within the Smart Building industry!

Innovative ceiling renovations with Mymesh

Even still in 2022, the control technology in traditional ceilings leave much to be desired, while innovative solutions have major benefits for building managers and users. For example, connect our wireless Mymesh control system with Belimo equipment for wireless and automatic control of climate installations for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

How does it work?

Innovative measurement and control technology, such as the Mymesh TriSensor, detects the number of people and measures the room temperature. A consequence of a higher occupancy may be that the pre-set temperature (set point) is exceeded. So cooling has to start (automatically)!

In such a case, the Mymesh Modbus module receives a signal from the TriSensor and controls the Belimo equipment. The VAV-Compact provides extra air (based on occupancy rate) and the EPIV 6-way control valve cools the air.

Result? The room is automatically cooled until the pre-set temperature (set point) is reached again.

The benefits of an innovative ceiling with Mymesh

  1. The control zones are able to function automatically as a local and stand-alone control system. Each control zone have their own setpoint and are able to regulate the temperature independent from any another room or control zone, based on the last specified settings (setpoints) from the Mymesh Cloud Edge Server or the building management system.
  2. Thanks to the wireless Mymesh control system, another benefit is that the control cabling becomes superfluous and the installation design becomes simpler when replacing the lighting installation or a ceiling renovation (read: climate ceiling).
  3. And last but not least… The user can also use an App via his or her smartphone to change settings, like room temperature and lighting, which make switches and panels superfluous.


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