Chess presents at LED+ELEKTRO & LuxLive2019

November 2019


Joost Toornend

– 13-Nov-2019  –  12.45h 13.05h

The future of lighting Lighting has now become such a normal thing that many hardly think about it. Yet it is not obvious, and lighting has had to go through a development of thousands of years to get to where it is today. However, technology is developing faster than ever and innovation within the lighting industry is also ongoing. Where are we going?


Ashley Batup 

8point3LED, Chess Wise

Mr. Ashley Bateup, Co-founder, 8point3led & partnership with Chess Wise BV. Since graduating, Ashley spent over 20 years building his career within the Ministry of Defence leading on technology programmes across a wide range of disciplines including C4I and Digital Battlefields. Since leaving the government in 2005, he has leveraged this extensive technical understanding to build businesses focused on connected lighting, smart buildings and more recently smart cities. In his current capacity as managing director at 8point3LED, Ashley is driving the adoption of IoT solutions, within both the public and private sector, through an integrated ‘systems of systems’ data led approach

Short to medium term product development: See the newest products before they come to market

– 13-Nov-2019  –  13:50h 14:30h  –  Emergency Lighting

Our speakers will reveal select products from their R&D pipeline to allow you a unique opportunity to plan for future investment. The products you’ll see will come to market in the next 12-18 months and you’ll learn what challenge they’re designed to solve and how the product designers are tackling the obstacles along the way.

Smart spaces are realised with Smart Lighting

– 14-Nov-2019  –  10:30h 11:00h  –  Smart Spaces

If data’s the ‘new oil’,  it’s no surprise businesses are hunting data-generating tech. Smart lighting is perfect as a scaleable and secure backbone which can deliver actionable intelligence on how to manage buildings, assets and resources.

Wim Hogenhout

Sales Director, Chess Wise

Wim Hogenhout is a proven intrapreneur who has been at the forefront of several corporate successes within the technical industry. With a career of 25 years in engineering, sales and management, Wim is known for bridging the gap between the commercial- and engineering world. A leading expert in consultative selling.

How to design smart buildings

– 14-Nov-2019  –  14:00h 14:30h  –  Smart Spaces

In this presentation, Wim will share the exclusive methodology behind the Smart Building Design Model, and what it takes to develop Smart Buildings.

Jasper Hijink

Director, Lux-it Lighting Technology

Jasper is a motivated and energetic professional with wide experience in Business-to-Business environment. More than 10 years experience in the field of Sales and Marketing management with a strong technical background. He has a solid understand of Controls, IoT and smart solutions as they have been a common theme throughout his career.

The benefits of Software As A Service (SAAS) within the lighting industry

– 14-Nov-2019  –  16:00h 16:30h  –   Smart Spaces

SaaS is taking a flight, and we see it all over the landscape with Cloud services replacing the traditional way-of-working and dramatically changing the tasks of the IT department. Already well accepted are products like Microsoft Office 365 or Google Suite, but also ERP software, CRM software, Cloud storage is moving that way. And, more specifically, Lighting Management software. But, just what are those benefits? Let’s look at a few.

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