April 2022 | MIPIM

April 2022

MIPIM: Making Buildings Smart through integral collaboration.

The international real estate event MIPIM (the world’s leading real estate market event) that normally runs every year, finally took place again in March ‘22 after being postponed due to the corona pandemic. Our CEO, Han Bak, was invited by Boelens de Gruyter to give a presentation at the Proptech event. This was (of course) an offer we could not refuse…

Chess believes that buildings become Smart by working together through integral collaboration and in an integrated manner. Together with Mapiq and Physee we presented this philosophy and Han Bak said, “Smart Buildings are especially smart if you don’t install all kinds of separate systems next to each other, but instead use each other’s solutions. I think you should avoid installing too many boxes and infrastructure. All those tech companies that mainly push their own solution…. That’s not how the world should work, right?“. We also presented the Mymesh solution that is used at the Tripolis-Park project (www.tripolis-park.com) in Amsterdam-Zuid (The Netherlands). 

Boelens de Gruyter invited 75 people from the real estate world and gave Proptech companies the opportunity to present themselves. The event started in the garden of the villa and after all attendees were welcomed by Sander Schimmelpenninck, the moderator, the central theme of Proptech was given shape in panel discussions and pitches from tech companies. Boelens de Gruyter experienced in America that many tech companies were mainly pitching for each other, while there were no actual end customers in the room. Therefore, the aim for this event was to bring those two worlds together.

MIPIM, which stands for Le Marché International des Professionels de L’immobillier, is an annual event that attracts 17,000 professionals from 100 different countries. In addition to the six-storey Palais des Festivals exhibition building, all kinds of events take place in specially rented villas, luxury yachts, etc.

Ferdinand Grapperhaus  – PHYSEE / Rowan de Bruin – MAPIQ / Han Bak – Chess Mymesh

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