A powerful partnership

February 2020

Mymesh integrates with Helvar’s new Freedom product line

Chess announces that Mymesh integrates with Helvar’s new wireless product line; Freedom. This strong partnership realizes a complete luminaire concept where any Helvar LED driver is wirelessly managed by a Freedom x Mymesh controller. The solution creates a robust and omnipresent mesh network that is can be used as a sophisticated data-infrastructure for any environment.

We are excited to announce Mymesh to be part of our rapidly growing ecosystem of Helvar Freedom partners. The Mymesh solution offers a robust, scalable and secure wireless network with excellent flexibility and integration possibilities, which our customers will benefit in the wireless world.” – Tero Päärni, Head of Luminaire Components Sales at Helvar

Helvar Freedom is the new wireless product line of the renowned lighting-solutions manufacturer from Finland. Freedom connects to any Helvar driver and allows users to implement advanced wireless control and management options in any environment. Freedom x Mymesh seamlessly integrates the Helvar drivers with the Mymesh ecosystem, consisting of many other advanced wireless sense & control devices to make any location smart.

“Both companies have a rich heritage and uphold the same vision. Together we believe that the future is wireless and intelligent. Therefore, this collaboration was the obvious path to take. We are very excited to be working with Helvar on this great wireless endeavour.” – Han Bak, commercial director of Chess. 

To learn more about Mymesh with Freedom, please join our Mymesh webinar on 25/03/2020 with the topic ”Freedom wireless luminaires with Mymesh” presented by Tero Päärni (Helvar) and Han Bak (Chess). Register here

Download the Helvar Freedom brochure or check the Helvar Freedom website for more information.

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