Smart Building Webinar

October 2020

Webinar Smart Building 14th of October

We’re hosting a webinar on the 14th of October | 10:30h — 11:30h CEST

50 attendees max

Nowadays, everything seems to be called ‘Smart’. At home, we are surrounded by smart water kettles, smart thermostats, smart digital assistants and smart lighting. Going ‘smart’ is also a prominent trend in the professional environment. All around us, technology is being used to improve the performance of buildings, organisations and people.

A Smart Building offers a lot of opportunities, as long as considerable time is put into thinking about and evaluating the possibilities and potential obstacles and restrictions. As Smart Buildings will evolve over time, the choices made in the beginning will have far-reaching consequences.

In this webinar, Joost Toornend -our marketeer- will bring you up to speed concerning vision, basics and technology. We’re looking forward to a dynamic and interactive webinar!

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